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Classified Ads

by: SBC Staff

You’ve probably heard that posting your ads to classified ad pages is just as worthless as posting to FFA pages.  The ad gets posted, hundreds post right after you do, and your ad rolls into oblivion before anyone ever sees it.  It’s true that few people will ever see your ad if you allow it to just roll off without a fight.  You need to know where and how to post and get yourself some tools to help you.

First of all, you should post to Yahoo Classifieds.  Millions of people per day browse their way through Yahoo’s site.  If even a fraction of them see your ad and respond you’ve generated a lot of traffic.  Best of all, it’s free.

Go to Yahoo’s site and get yourself five free email addresses.  Once you have them, post ten ads using each of them, 50 ads in all.  Find different categories that are a good fit for your product.  Your ads will generally be visible within 24 hours.  Just like with other ad pages, your ads will begin to slide down the page until they’re no longer useful.  They may remain in decent position for a day or two.  Go back every second or third day to edit these ads.  Once you edit them they will refresh and you’ll regain your position.  Of course, others are doing this also; so don’t let your effort drop.  It doesn’t take much of an edit to accomplish your purpose, so be disciplined about it.  Even if your ad doesn’t stay near the top of the page very long, you’ll get a good share of the views from the millions passing through every day.  There are simply too many people visiting Yahoo to ignore this free source of leads.

We talked about WorldSubmitter in other articles, particularly the one on FFA pages, but in case you didn’t read that article I’ll discuss it again.

With WorldSubmitter, you are allowed to create five profiles if you have a free account, and 30 if you have a paid account.  Each profile contains an ad and the information required to submit it.  With one click you can submit your ad to over 7,100 search engines, 1,500,000 FFA link pages, over 83,000 classified ad sites, and 5,500 message boards.  The beauty of this system is that you can enter ten of these profiles into a submission queue, click the submit button, and WorldSubmitter will submit each of those ten ads to all the sites you have previously designated.  The result is that you are posting your ads to over 1,500,000 sites ten times.  That’s over 15,000,000 postings!  The best part is that since it takes WorldSubmitter a while to submit to all these sites, you will have a new ad being posted as your previous ones are rolling off.  So instead of your ad being visible for half an hour, it will be visible for several hours.  We actually get quite a few hits from these postings through WorldSubmitter.  Many days we get more hits from this service than from emailing leads from FFA pages.  It might be worth the $19.99 per month it costs for a paid membership to be able to queue more ads.  It will save you some time.  You can set it up to submit before you go to sleep at night and let it work while you sleep.  We post classified ads through WorldSubmitter every day.

There are many services available that are similar to WorldSubmitter that you can use to post to FFA pages, classified ad sites and message boards.  We are in the process of reviewing a number of them and will let you know what we find by updating this article frequently.

We would never recommend you post manually to classified ads sites.  Using a submission service allows you to post to many thousands of them simultaneously, and that can be worthwhile.  Posting to them manually takes more time than it will ever be worth.

One final word, when you post, be sure to use one of your free email accounts and set up your email client to file the confirmation emails in a folder other than your normal email inbox.  Otherwise, the thousands of confirmation emails you receive after posting will disrupt your regular email.


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