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FFA Pages

by: SBC Staff

You’ll hear quite often that it’s useless to post to FFA pages.  To a great extent, this is true.  When you post to an FFA page you are posting a brief ad to a page that contains thousands of ads.  Much like performing a search on a search engine, you need to be at the top of the list to get noticed.  But get noticed by who?  People and companies frequently post to FFA pages, but who actually visits them to look at the ads?  Have you ever visited an FFA page and browsed through the ads?  Very few people do.  So why should you post?

We have found that some FFA pages do receive some traffic and your ads stay near the top long enough to be worthwhile.  We’ll give you some recommendations at the end of this article.  But you can tilt the odds a little more in your favor if you use a submission service that allows you to set up a group of ads and submit them to thousands of FFA pages one after the other without having to post your ads manually.  We use WorldSubmitter for this and will use them as an example of what you should be looking for.

With WorldSubmitter, you are allowed to create five profiles if you have a free account, and 30 if you have a paid account.  Each profile contains an ad and the information required to submit it.  With one click you can submit your ad to over 7,100 search engines, 1,500,000 FFA link pages, over 83,000 classified ad sites, and 5,500 message boards.  The beauty of this system is that you can enter ten of these profiles into a submission queue, click the submit button, and WorldSubmitter will submit each of those ten ads to all the sites you have previously designated.  The result is that you are posting your ads to over 1,500,000 sites ten times.  That’s over 15,000,000 postings!  The best part is that since it takes WorldSubmitter a while to submit to all these sites, you will have a new ad being posted as your previous ones are rolling off.  So instead of your ad being visible for half an hour, it will be visible for several hours.  We actually get quite a few hits from these postings through WorldSubmitter.  It might be worth the $19.99 per month it costs for a paid membership to be able to queue more ads.  It will save you some time.  You can set it up to submit before you go to sleep at night and let it work while you sleep.  If you want to visit WorldSubmitter to get your free account with five profiles, click here.  If you later decide you want 30 profiles, you can always upgrade.

A better idea than posting to FFA pages is to get your own for others to post to.  When someone posts to your FFA page, you are allowed to send them an email confirmation of their posting.  Of course, you include your ad with your confirmation.  The number of email addresses you will get every day will vary from a couple hundred to a couple thousand.  By getting several FFA pages of your own you can easily get 5,000 to 20,000 leads per day.

Of course, not all FFA pages are created equal.  You need to find one that will either:

1.  Allow you to download the leads or provide them to you via email, or

2.  Allow you to set a delay time for the mailing.  For example, you can set your site up to mail leads on Friday that were collected on Monday.

If you download or receive your leads by email, you can set your own delay time.  If you cannot set a delay for mailing, your ad will get lost in the literally thousands of email ads the poster will be receiving.  Others will be using this delay method also, but if you set it long enough, you can generally avoid the avalanche. 

Are these leads high quality?  No, absolutely not!  Most people use an alternate email address and route the ads into a junk mail box where they are deleted without being read.  But enough do read them to make this process a cost-effective method of getting leads that will get you some traffic.  What do we mean by cost-effective?  Well, if you pay $10 per month for an FFA page that gives you 1,000 leads per day on average, your cost per lead is only about 3/100ths of a cent.  If you assume that only 100 per day are actually read, then your cost skyrockets to 3/10ths of a cent.  Not bad considering targeted, opt-in leads can cost you 50 cents to several dollars each!  It certainly cannot hurt to complement your other advertising efforts with bulk leads from your FFA pages.  If you're using these as your only leads, you're going to have to be satisfied with building your business very, very slowly.

Most FFA pages also give you the opportunity to earn a residual income by enrolling in their affiliate programs.  It costs you nothing extra and you can tack on a small postscript to your mailings to invite your prospects to get their own FFA page and earn money for the referral.  Most pay several levels deep, so you earn when your referrals and their referrals successfully refer FFA pages to others.  At the very least, you should be able to cover your cost for your FFA pages through your referrals, which gets you your bulk leads for free.

We hope this article has been helpful to you.  Following is a list of FFA pages with which we have had good experiences.  We have tried many of them, and these are the ones that our testing indicates generates the most response.  You can click on the name to visit the company and sign up if you desire.

FFANET – one of the oldest and largest FFA networks on the net with over 100,000 members.  Provides 250 to 350 high-quality (as FFA sites go) leads per day.  Posters are required to verify their addresses when posting so you get few, if any, bounces and bad addresses.  Also, if you are a paid member, your ad postings to the FFANET network stay in the system for about five hours rather than the normal 30 minutes.  The cost for a paid member is $19.90 per month.  Compensation plan is of unlimited width and 12 levels deep.

Multilinks – generates between 700 and 1,000 of the most responsive leads available.  You can either download your leads or mail from the web.  If you mail from the web you can set the delay for mailing.  This is a beautiful system and one of our favorites.  Also, the cost is only $9.95 per month!  The compensation plan is one level only paying $5.00 per referral.  Refer two and your participation is free.

EmailPromoter – generates about 1,500 leads per day.  Cost is $20.00 per month.  Uses a web-based email system but you get to set the delay.  Generates a very good response rate and is very much a hassle free system.  Compensation plan is unlimited width paying $4.00 on each of two levels.

ProMoneyMail – generates 500 to 800 new leads per day and allows you a weekly mailing to all 27,000 ProMoneyMail members.  You do not get to set the delay with this system, but our response rate has been good.  Cost is $24.95 per month, or you can save $125.00 by prepaying for the year.  It has a single level compensation plan that pays $6.25 per referral or $75.00 if your referral pays for the year.

Daily Targeted Leads Network – generates 300 to 500 high quality (again, as FFA pages go) leads each day.  Company has switched to a web-based mailer and you set the delay.  Cost is $14.99 per month and has a single level compensation plan that pays $5.00 per referral.

MyeBizPage – this network is tied in to WorldSubmitter and generates 1,500 to 2,000 leads per day.  You download your leads and email them according to the delay you desire.  In addition to your FFA page, you get your own search engine, a classified ads site and a message board.  The cost is $15.95 per month with a compensation plan that is of unlimited width and three levels deep.


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