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A Website That Bites Or Bites The Dust!

by: J. Alarcon

Have you ever visited a web site that made a good impression? What about one that bites? Do you know what a website that bites looks and feels like? Can you imagine what a website like that may look and feel like? Do you have a web site that bites the new visitors so that they return again and again? Or, a web site that bites the dust? Find out now!

You must have noticed by now that there are hundreds and thousands of web sites you visit only once and you just want to take off in an instant! What makes you leave such web sites so soon? Is it the poor unappealing home page design?  Is it the web site's poor navigation elements? Is it a lack of desired content? In fact it may be all of those factors.

Now, a web site that "bites," on the other hand, has an entirely different effect, look, and feel.  It's almost as distinct as day and night in comparison with its unappealing "brother" site. Have you ever wondered why you're not making enough sales? It may be because you're missing some of the extremely important elements listed below that will boost your sales at least 250%. A web site that truly bites has these elements:

1. Tends to be sticky by keeping its prospective customer longer and busy.

2. Tends to have an overall well-structured home page and web pages.

3. Will have a certain "one-goal" driven approach in its chosen introductory message and the way it leads its visitor.

4. Its home page immediately catches the first-time visitor's attention with its well-coordinated design, graphics, and colors.

5. Its home page does not over-whelm the visitor with countless banners and unorganized links.

6. It loads in 10 seconds or less.

7. Its contact information can be found right away without having to look all over the place.

8. Its FAQ answers the most common questions regarding products and services.

9. It tells you almost immediately what it can do for you; what products and services it can offer you.

10. Its content is engaging as it informs very practical information about a certain niche subject.

11. It offers very related set of links on a particular niche market.

12. It offers a number of irresistible reasons to linger past the one critical minute.

13. It does all it can to create a lasting relationship before its visitor leaves forever!

14. It offers a number of good reasons why its visitor should sign up for its newsletter.

15. It never takes the liberty of asking 100 questions in its sign up form.

16. It doesn't have background music to annoy its visitor.

17. Its text is very readable, regardless of its size.

18. It does not use unnecessary animation to annoy its visitor, unless it actually accomplishes something important.


19. It presells its affiliate products and services so potential customers will want to buy at the "mother" site.  If you forget this vital element, you will fail again and again.

If your web site or future website has any of the above elements, you're on the right track. The more of these elements you use on your site, the better will be the overall response from your visitors. Potential customers will tend to visit and return often, and you'll make more sales.

Either create a web site that bites and grabs its visitor by the neck, or it will bite the dust.

Evaluate your web site with a fresh set of eyes against the above list and see if you're missing any of them. If you are, decide how you can add the ones that are missing. After you have done that, check your stats for signs of improvement in your daily, weekly, and monthly sales.

Remember, you're the master of your own web site; make it bite, not softly!

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