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by Rufina James

The dotbombs failed. But not entirely in vain. They left valuable lessons in their wake. Mainly, that you can't be all things to all people. And that you can't survive if you're not making money.

Today, more and more established big businesses are coming online. But they're doing so carefully. Practically. They're keeping the lessons of the dotbombs in mind.

Is There Still Room For Small Business On The Web?

But is the presence of big business squeezing out small businesses and home businesses online?

How do the rest of us compete with the large, established sites of big companies?

How do we make it online when we don't have their reserves of capital and staff?

The good news is that there IS room for everyone -- as long as it's done right. However, you can't try to copy what they are doing. It simply won't work for small businesses. A different strategy is required.

Specialization is the Key

The key for small businesses and home businesses is to master the art of niche marketing and specialization. Sites that provide general information are already dominating their markets. They already have a loyal customer base and strong marketing strategies in place to bring new customers to their door. And they can usually spend quite a bit more money on reaching their market than the small or home business can.'s important to keep in mind that many big businesses don't want to bother with smaller segments of their markets. They can afford to be general and market to the masses. That's how they are accustomed to doing business.

As a result, many smaller market segments (often called niches) remain unserved.

And that's where YOU come in...

There are literally countless wide-open niches that are yet to be explored. There are unlimited topics and new markets that have yet to stake their claim on the Internet. All with virtually no competition from big businesses.

These untapped markets mean potential profits for you. They are just waiting for a specialized product or service to provide exactly what they need.

As Dr. Michael Fortin of says, "Narrow your focus to broaden your sales." The better you are at serving your niche market, the more successful you can be.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Niche

Finding your niche is critical to online success. So is using productive niche marketing strategies. Without a carefully-chosen, tightly targeted niche and a well-structured marketing plan that places your product or service squarely in front of your niche market, the only thing you can count on is failure.

That's because not every niche is profitable. The right niche has to be carefully selected. It can't be too small to support a market. It can't be too big, or you won't be able to compete. And it must be reachable and viable.

Research Your Niche BEFORE Your Start

Determining the size and viability of the market should not be a matter of guesswork. Many a website has gone to waste due to the guesses, good intentions, or attachments of the owner.

Being overly attached to the idea of your product, whether it's a book, software, service, or any other creation, can lead to blind spots about it's viability. Worse yet, proceeding before you know there is a market inevitably leads to disappointment. Isn't it much more efficient to research your market before investing time and money into a project?

How to Research Online

If you're marketing online, it's best to research this information online, using search engine tools provided for this purpose. Search the number of queries that the keywords or keyword phrases related to your topic are getting. Search the amount of money that is being paid per click for each keyword or keyword phrases.

Try different variations of keywords or keyword phrases. If you can't find any keywords in your topic that bring in at least a few thousand queries, it's a strong indication there is not enough of a market there... and that it's time for a reassessment.

These factors are critical to niche marketing success. There's more to it, of course, but choosing a niche intelligently insures a good start.

Rufina James
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