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by: Wendy Hearn

What one thing could you do today to improve your business and professional success? What difference to your life would this make if it became a habit?

Forming habits which become ingrained will yield results. I've hesitated to say the results you really want because it depends on what you're doing. Are your habits keeping you stuck or are they moving you forwards? If one of your habits is spending too much time planning and not enough time doing, then you're not likely to achieve your desired results.

To break unproductive habits but to add habits which will move you forward is one of the goals of coaching. These daily habits can be fairly small but will gradually amount to something much bigger.

Let's take the example of someone who needs to make telephone calls to further their business. A habit to break may be spending too much time thinking about each call, putting it off, or finding other things to do. The new habit to introduce may be to make 3 telephone calls a day or to identify the one daily telephone call which will have the biggest impact on your

I encourage you to identify and introduce one daily habit into your business or professional life. Keep it small to start with and as your feeling of success increases, you can add to it. Your success lies with the actions you take each day.


Wendy Hearn
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